KIRUUUUUUUUUUPA! concerning ilyaslamasse

I propose that ilyaslamasse gets his own category as Flash guru, or Flash Doctor, cause I always see tons of his posts on the Flash MX category answering everybody’s questions…I even write the codes for some of them…and not just bit s and pieces but the whole thing.

What do you think :slight_smile:

Does this mean we are gonna throw him a party with strippers and everything?

Hey Pom (ilyas),
Thanks a lot for helping out a bunch. Just wondering, how do you find the time? A busy college student currently in Singapore…yet you find time to help us all out!

Kirupa :bandit:

: blushing : Well, if I was anywhere close to a Flash guru, I’d say Hell yeah, but humm… I’m not there yet. Thank you nonetheless, Alex.

Unless there’s actually a party with naked girls and stuff, of course. Thank you Dan for making that important point.

And where do I find the time? Simple! I don’t sleep! Clever, hue?

pom :asian:

Do you need me to jump out of a cake? I have some free time coming up…

You know you all can’t deny that Jubba is the best stripper ever…especially his jumping out of the cake gig! heheh :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I wrote naked girls, didn’t I?

pom :asian:

Jubba is both…give him a break! :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, nope sorry to spoil your fantasy dan…

I’m off to bed, so no more harassing Jubba while I’m asleep. G’nite all…

A sure sign of Masterhood… denial of talent.

You are a guru Pom. Here’s to you making lots of cash with Flash in the future.

I suggest that we create a Kirupaforum award. Many servers create digital awards which people can then place on their sites to show off. I suggest that we create one. I will start working on some ideas, but I’d like imput from People like Pom, Kirupa and especially our artists, Edwin and Kitiara.

We’ll get as many submittals together and then vote on our favorites.

My suggestions would include awards in a couple catagories.

Kirupa site of the month award (which we’ve already kind of been doing.)

Kirupa guru award

Kirupa most promising newbie??

any other suggestions would be appreciated.

heheheh…was waiting for your to reply back to that one! You need to say sorry to pom, he is the one that will be dissapointed lol

Kirupa’s Innovative Artist Award (you know who is gonna get this)
Kirupa’s Graphic Designer Award (and this too, and no…not me lol)
Kirupa’s Einstien Scripter Award (sbeener will get it every time)
Kirupa’s Flashturbator Award (something I could win, lol just playin)

What if we have a “Kirupaland King of the Month” award, where the recipient gets to don a special graphic or flash animation for a month on their sig. After the King’s term, he hands the crown down to the next King of the Week. Kind of like employee of the month.

Everyone nominates and votes on the King, so the burden won’t be on Kirupa to pick someone all the time. Clearly Ily is King for now…

a single award would be nice, and certainly would up the prestige value of the thing. I’ve seen a lot of sites do this though and they seem to like having a few different catagories. Probebly this is because encouragement is the best teacher a programer can have… so the more encouragement that’s going around, the more programing gets done… of course I’m just guessing.

We’ll have to see what K man thinks when he wakes up. (humph, how dare he sleep… )

Aha! Sounds like fun! A little present, since I’m the king of the month :pirate:
Click once to stop it (but really, wait for a while, it’s worth it:) ) and once more to reload.

pom :asian:

very cool sir

Wow! Is that for the contest as well Pom? I’ve only seen these type of effects created for Director Shockwave, never really for Flash :slight_smile:

Kirupa :nerd:

Thanks Upu! Actually, I didn’t do much :slight_smile: I found the code for this Lorentz attractor in Flash Math Creativity (Jared Tarbell from ), and all I did is that random color thing, and the dynamic drawing of the shape. I could watch it spin for hours…

Here’s the code (for the contest):

MovieClip.prototype.drawCircle = function(r, x, y){
		this.moveTo(x+r, y);
		this.curveTo(r+x, -0.4142*r+y, 0.7071*r+x, -0.7071*r+y);
		this.curveTo(0.4142*r+x, -r+y, x, -r+y);
		this.curveTo(-0.4142*r+x, -r+y, -0.7071*r+x, -0.7071*r+y);
		this.curveTo(-r+x, -0.4142*r+y, -r+x, y);
		this.curveTo(-r+x, 0.4142*r+y, -0.7071*r+x, 0.7071*r+y);
		this.curveTo(-0.4142*r+x, r+y, x, r+y);
		this.curveTo(0.4142*r+x, r+y, 0.7071*r+x, 0.7071*r+y);
		this.curveTo(r+x, 0.4142*r+y, r+x, y);}
myPos=new Array(random(10)/10,random(20),random(10));
myVar=new Array(0.01,10,28,8/3);

This one’s with circles and colorless (too many lines!). Just put the code in the first frame of your movie.

pom :asian:

Impressive! And 25 lines of code only =)

Kirupa :bandit:

Case in point, he should have a forum category or some souch thing where he can post interesting code and discuss it…I garantee you all that we will all profit from such a resource…because if he cannot write the code he finds it…I certainly don’t have the time to find code, I am more of a designer(formerly Art Director and Brand Specialist) but love Flash and actionscript and appreciate someone taking the time to post such things…now instead of going through all posts there shoudl be an area where I can find ily’s resources…well what does everybody think???