Krup, new tutorial headed your way

kirupa, i updated my random letter cycling tutorial cause the last one was confusing and the code was just a mess. i improved it a lot in this release. you should be getting it in your email (hopefully [email protected]). thanks.

thoriphes, i just noticed ur real name is manny dimatulac. r u a filipino by any chance? just wondering.

Hey thoriphes,
Thanks! I haven’t yet recieved the tutorial, but I did receive your mail (I think you may have forgotten to include the attachment lol)


sorry, kirup, this is the second time i did this. you’ll be getting it in the next e-mail.

and sid, i may be filipino, maybe…ok, yeah i am. are you?

Did you know recent testing found only 25% of high school kids are prepared for college math?

You know what they call those kids? ASIANS.

You should count yourself lucky thoriphes. :slight_smile:


HAHAHA…thats funny! lol. im hispanic took calculus in HS (when i was 16) lol so its more like 24.99% asian .01% other lol

Lol I can do a lil physics im 14…deno wtf i am tho…im a white boy :wink:

why should i feel lucky? math comes in the programming package. but honestly, i’ve loved math all these years. (not loved loved it, but was pretty interested in it.)

yup thoriphes i am one.

hmmm math… i used to love it until college. =(

i loved math until i developed dyslexia and i lost interrest in school totally… took my super high iq and smashed it into the ground… best part was… none of my teachers knew… they labelled me a punk and decided not to help me. for YEARS noone figured out i was dyslexic. heh scary… AWESOME SCHOOLS WE HAVE =]

but i USED to love math until my homework took me 6 hrs a night to do =[

bad times eh?

Hey thoriphes,
Here’s the link to your tutorial:…cling2.asp If there are any changes you want made, I’ll go ahead and make them!

thanks a lot krup!