Lab grown meat?

As long as it tastes similar to the real thing, I would eat it! :grinning:

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IDK, they did a poo steak in the lab a while ago… Maybe the future certified organic will turn into certified feaces free… food for thought… :laughing:

I’d try it. I wonder what medium it’s grown in.

I’d eat whichever is more affordable. But I’d love to try it even just once.

As a vegan I would say yes. Lab grown meat basically removes all the concerns I have with meat in general: 1. carbon footprint, 2. animal cruelty
At this point, though, I’m so turned off by meat from a hygiene perspective that I might stick with products like Beyond. Perhaps lab grown meat would also mitigate a lot of contaminants? If that’s what @steve.mills’s taking about with the poo steaks.

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I got to try Beyond Meat beef as a Costco sample a few weeks ago, and it tasted really good. Texture was OK as well. If that is the future, I’m all for it :shallow_pan_of_food:

Kangaroo meat is also a good option. Its super lean, Kangaroos don’t produce methane (they’re transplanting Kangaroo stomach :microbe: to cows to prevent greenhouse gasses) and they reproduce in plague proportions (think rabbits on steroids). Regarding animal cruelty, there’s a device that been made to attach to a feed box with a head flap that floods it with nitrogen and induces narcosis on the animal. Its completely painless and they go out high as a kite.

I want to try it even once.