Lag Problem!

Why does my site lag so much ?? -----> lethal-industry

How can i make it run smooth like this ----> motion graphiks

Thank you!

it doesn’t lag for me, and you can try increasing the fps or preloading it

yea i already have it to 30 ft’s and also have a preloader but i wanted to know if there was a way to make it run smoother … i use Png’s 24 for all my images maybe im doing something wrong probably not compressing the images or the whole movie right. If anyone knows a way to make them run smoother please write back.

Thank you

Yeah… not lagging at all for me. Maybe your processor sucks? I’ve got Celeron 1.6 Ghz, which is good. If you have it on 30 fps, it is probably your computer. Though this doesn’t have to do with it - I’d suggest preloading everything in the first frame. The bars can get frustrating.

do you mean that it takes a long time to preload your swf? I have a question, once you preload the swf isn’t that swf saved into the computers temporary file. if so, How come when you click on home it take a long time to bring out the same swf that was just loaded?

No its not on my pc that it lags i have a P4 3.0 ghz its on another pc that it lags and by lags i mean that after preloding the swf. the top banner is all jumpy like it studders … but by now i think that it depends on the pc.

and it takes long to reload the home button because i cant figure out how i can reload the main swf. …

im having trouble with the home button . this is how i have it

on (release)
loadMovieNum (“home.swf”,1)

i dont know how i can make it rewind it to an earlier stage in other word im having trouble controlling a loaded movie.

If anyone can help i would appreciate it.