Laoding into MC with Preloader and animation

Hey guys!

I have a main move with a mc called “content” where all the externals swf’s are loaded into.

On all my external swf’s i have created an animation and have the follwing actions


bytes_loaded = Math.round(_root.getBytesLoaded());
bytes_total = Math.round(_root.getBytesTotal());
getPercent = bytes_loaded/bytes_total;
_root.loadBar._width = getPercent100;
_root.loadText = Math.round(getPercent
if (bytes_loaded == bytes_total) {



Now when i uploaded the files onto the web, when the external content came in, it loaded but no bar or preloading animation was shown.

:chinaman: worked it out!!

wait, i know the problem, i have it going back to “root” thats why it doesnt show!!

So should i replace root with parent?

What should i place there instead of root?


Try _parent =)

no … _parent no !!

use [color=red]this[/color] =)

haha thanks kax. =)

dont worry i got it working!! :trout:

haha you’re welcome eg :stuck_out_tongue: =)

dont worry i got it working!! :trout:

glad you worked it out :wink:

Kax use wat?

there is no link :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for help anyway guys, it was my stupid mistake!!

i know there’s no link :stuck_out_tongue:

i told you to replace _root with this

oohhhhhh! :stuck_out_tongue:

i must be running really slow today!!

I know for next time :wink:



Flash Player 5.




Keyword; references an object or movie clip instance. When a script executes, this references the movie clip instance that contains the script. When a method is called, this contains a reference to the object that contains the called method.

Inside an on event handler action attached to a button, this refers to the Timeline that contains the button. Inside an onClipEvent event handler action attached to a movie clip, this refers to the Timeline of the movie clip itself.