Getting Bytes from loaded MCs

am wondering if it is possible to have the framework of a preloader in the _root level.

if a movieclip is loaded (let’s say an external MC) can the preloader (on _root) display progress/percentage of the MC currently being loaded? or does the preloader have to exist IN the loaded movie?

hope this makes sense. It is driving me crazy, but then there is always someone better than me…at actionscript.


If I understand you correctly, I believe the answer is yes, preloaders can target externally loaded MCs. For example, the AS might look like:


I’ve tried and failed to get a percentage/animated loader working with externals thus far.

any code from anywhere?

or anyone :smiley:
if thats what your looking for, check out attachment.
the code is really inefficient and dated since it was created when i first picked up flash. dont use my code specifically, just modify it so you can make it work for yourself.

cheers…looking now

spot on bobdoe

thanks muchly to you and your family :slight_smile:

no prob ratbaggy. I feel really sorry for you since you have to read my code, its really ugly and somewhat hard to follow. I just looked at it myself and took a while to figure it out.

i have it setup and works great but it seems like ven though i have loaded an external mc if i go back to the frame it re-preloades again like for the first time.

Any fix for this?


I’m not sure I’m following what you mean aaron

argh…can’t open it…can someone attach in flash mx version…he…he…

tq mr ratbaggy…


if you go to it looks like it is loading the frame that calls the mc and reloads it even though it has already loaded it once.

it could just be me but is it doing that for you?

for the most part there are several frames that call different swf but i have left most of them the same for testing but it seems to be making you load each one even if you have already loaded it.

is it right or did i do somthing wrong?

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

well, the problem with the code is that it never really takes into account if the file was already loaded. Sometimes flash likes to show preloaders for a split second because I think the cpu does not recognized cached files as fast as you click. I think if you really want it to stop loading the same files, you would have to make up some dummy variables to test it.

Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

but i am not sure what you mean. i am really green when it comes to action script and learning alot for you all here. so any help would be greatly appreciated! :wink:

Thanks again!

FYI This is a great community! Everyone is really nice and helps out everyone else! Dont find that too often so props out to you all!