Large PHP Email Form (negotiable £$)

Job Description:

My client runs a site aimed at rennovating peoples Curriculum Vitate / Resume. I’ve done a complete overhaul of the site including graphics and layout, all that is needed now is the application form. I need a form that I can include on her site that will gather 76 fields worth of data and put it into an email that will be sent to her, stating the answer to each of the fields with the appropriate label before it.

Negotiable Payment

I’ve had a couple of offers from people that I had to reject because they were WAY too high. If you are interested in this job (shouldnt take long) then I’m willing to negotiate a price because I need the job doing and implemented by Friday 1st December, and because the amount of fields is so high, I’m willing to go slightly higher.

Contact Me

Please leave a reply on this topic to let me know your are interested.
You can contact me via MSN Messenger or email on [email protected][SIZE=1].[/SIZE]com
You can also send me a PM on these forums, although MSN/Hotmail/Topic Reply is better for me.

As this is urgent, if you think you can do it please contact me as soon as possible.