Late Night Sign in

Posts only after 1am

just curious what u r all doin up so late!!

for me it is usualy school work, got bored, and put a total random thread on Kirupa

also i find i get my best ideas after hours so if u r working on somthin wacky or even just interseting post that here to


not one reply, pfft
delete this then

Pfft…everybody knows it’s spelled “BAHLEETED!” :sure:


Come on… It’s 23:53 here :slight_smile:

There… are more people around … In a diffrent time zone… there are some people posting and it.s 4 in the afternoon there…
We don’t all come from Australia

not late here, only 6pm

It’s 23:57 here =) …I’ll log out at 04:00 i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

u got a point didnt really think about that heh
ok leavin this on 4 a day or two and c if it gets ne replies

this is a good weekend thread, i think i have a friday night drunk thread going on somewhere here.