Launching .doc from projector

mx2004 pro. mac osx 10.3.9. Here is the problem. i’m trying to make a cd-rom to be played on pc’s. i have a bunch of .doc’s and .ppts. and some .pdf’s to be opened from within the projector .exe. here is an example of how i’m doing the fscommand. i’m putting the code right on the button.


i would have thought from the other threads i read that this would have opened that document in word. i have a main folder with the .inf file the .exe file and then a folder named fscommand with the Word_document.doc file placed in it. I thought this could be done with flash. To test it i put the main folder on a cd and burn it. pop it in my pc and automatically opens it like i would expect, but the button isn’t launching the word .doc. i tried to read as many posts as i could. please help