Layer loop

I’ve been using flash for… half a day now!!! And I am astonished how flexible it is. I can do everything that I needed to =).

This is the fla, (No viruses… Scan it if you want ):

Basically, there are 4 layers which scroll/rotate through the images at a set speed. The 5th layers has text which scrolls in saying Welcome.

My problem is that I want the images to rotate/scroll on a loop, so they keep coming up. I want the text to stay there, and not scroll in every minute.

I’ve tried everything from using stop(); (Which just stopped the entire animation) to changing the text to a graphic symbol and using play once/single frame (Which did nothing)

I would love someones help. I don’t want to be driven away from Flash already =(


P.S. I can attach the fla is needs be…