Looping in Layers


I would be much obliged if someone could help me with this:

I have made a movie in flash, with seperate animations. All of them stop at a certain frame, however, how do i make one loop (continue) and never stop?

I have a bit of text which fades in and out, i want that to keep doing that, even when the other complex animations finish!!

I think i may have to “repeat” frames “a-b” but don’t know how :q:

It is basically one layer i want to repeat.

Can the wise wisen the unwise?


The best method would be to use movieclips and place that text fading animation inside a movieclip without any stop actions so that it will loop.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What i actually need, is to make the animation loop from the start. There are like 10 keyframes in the layer, maybe more.

I need it to go back to the very first one.

Is that done via active scripting, or by converting all of the graphics to movie clips?

Much appreciated :slight_smile: