Layering images over mx buttons

For my first question I sure hope I’m able to get help I also in hopes you understand the question.

Ok there are a couple challenging parts to this: :slight_smile:

I’m Designing an application(all the back end stuff complete) I’m now working on the interface with three navigation menu buttons (let say tab1 tab2 tab 3), I want to be able to do simple mouseover and onrelease events. clicking tab 1 would present the objects of tab 1 e.t.c…simple enough right…? also
I need resources/tutorials to hover effecst to change the color of the buttons on mouseover.
(its so easy to do in js/html)

Here’s where things got tricky, this app is fully functional using mx.controls.Button; is there a way to layer an image over that maybe to have all its funtionality?

here goes an image to get a visual of the effect im trying to get