Button mouseover question

I have 5 buttons

when you mouseover the buttons an image appears

is it possible to do the following…

Mouse over, image appears, take the mouse off the button, the image stays there until you mouse over a different button, instead of having the image appear when you mouseover… and then disappear when u take ur mouse off the button?

Instead of a button you could use a movieClip and use onRollOver, _visible true or goto statements


you could use a variable and then change the image using the variable.

Hi advan,

To accomplish this you are probably going to want to use movie clips instead of buttons. You will create 5 mcs that have their respective picture in frame 1 and then nothing or text in frame 2. Also put stop actions on both frame 1 and 2. Remember to label the instance names of all the buttons (btn1, btn2, etc). On each of the 5 buttons you something like this.

//Show picture on btn 1
//Do not show picture on the rest of the buttons

thx for the replies!

hmm ok I’m gonna try this.

what I dont under stand is the following.

Ok… say I make my MC for button1’s image.

I click the MC and make the instance name btn1.

If I have the MC on my maintimeline, wouldnt the image appear the whole time?

and if i want this to all happen when u mouse over i guess i use on rollover


Hi advan,

Good Point. Change your code like above. I edited the post above. Make frame 1 of each MC blank so your picture does not appear when you load the page.