Layers and linking to external swf's

Hi guys, need some help
Here is a link to a website im working on. Its in its very early stages (as such there are no pre-loaders or anything…yet).
Anyway, you will see the “main swf” which is the clouds, the company logo and the navigation.
When you click on the navigation links (they dont all work yet), it links to an external swf file that plays it in the centre of the main swf.
This is the action script code on each of the navigation buttons to bring up the external swf files…

on(press) {
    mc._x = 180;
 mc._y = 40;

(this is the action script code for the ABOUT button).
If you click on the INTERACTIVE FLOOR PLANS button you will see the same external swf but its not centered, its set to appear in the top left hand corder of the main movie.
Now here is my problem…
On the main movie, the clouds and the company logo are on seperate layers.
What I want is for the extranal movie (ie the text on the ABOUT US part) to appear UNDERNEATH the company logo (but obviously still on top of all the clouds)… how do I do that?
Currently all the extranal swf files appear on top of everything else.