Multi-Level external .swf's

Hello everybody! This is my first post, and unfortunately much needed.

I’m designing a small presentation for a college website which will give basic information about the class programs available at the school. The design has a vertical navigation of 5 buttons along the left side of the stage, and I would like to have the animation appear behind that navigation.

Here’s the structure of the entire set of files:

  • container.swf
  • mainMenu.swf
  • Scene00.swf
  • SceneGD.swf
  • SceneMM.swf
  • SceneFD.swf
  • SceneFM.swf
  • SceneNT.swf

The navigation is in mainMenu.swf and is loaded into container.swf. When the movie starts, Scene00.swf is loaded behind the navigation. But, when I try to code in an action for any of the buttons to load the other scene files onto the stage, it doesn’t work.

Do i need to place the code in the timeline of mainMenu.swf or attach it to the buttons in mainMenu.swf… OR, do i need to place the actionscript in the container.swf file?

And what would code be? Any help is greatly appreciated.

By the way, I really don’t have any actionscript experience. So if you could explain things in “Barney-style” that’d be great. :smiley:

Thanks in advance,