Layout Check

I changed a layout I once used to make it a little better I think.

The old version is here,

and the new one is here,

On the second one, all the links lead to the index page anyway, and I also do not like sites that are super flashy, I just like it crisp, make stuff easy to find/read, and quick load, so if its not like that please let me know.

I think I prefer the old version, though one critcism would be not to design your sites for 640x480, I’d be suprised if anyone still uses that res.

The new one is ok but I just think the new one looks like it has more content, perhaps that’s because of the four links above the image, and the fire/dragon flash banner that shoots out revisited makes the site look more fun.

So to sum up, New sites ok, Old one looks better…even looks like a site I’d maybe use :thumb:

That old banner was one of the reasons I didn’t like it actually. I thought after a while it got pretty annoying, especially when people first go to the page and their speakers blast that cartoon sound.

for sure - my cat leaped off my lap when I went to the old one – eek

here kitty, come off the ceiling now.