Learning for Lent - Any Ideas?

Well, Lent starts tomorrow, and this year, instead of giving something up, I thought I would learn a new peice of useful flash stuff every week. :smiley:

So, I’m looking for Ideas, good tutorials, and thoughts.

To say what level I’m at, I managed to make a few thing using AS a while ago including a basic calculator, a counter, that counts up to a number that the user specifies (useless, but fun!) and I started an advanced random number generator (where you put in the decimal places, low and high boundaries) and a thing which worked out the average of different numbers. (The last two I never got around to finishing)

On Sunday, while Kirupa was down, I found a tut on using xml to make a news feed for a flash site, I thought that would be good for my first one. I’m looking for stuff that isn’t too difficult but is also useful, particularly aimed at websites etc.