Learning Interactions Library

I have several question pages I am working on using the Interactions library provided in MX. I have found pretty much everything I need to change to suit my needs, However I am lacking only one thing which I need help on to make my question pages complete.
How would a person go about adding audio to the feedback portion of the question.
I can tie in the question audio simply by making a movie clip of it & adding it to a new layer in the timeline…
However I would like to set this up when they click the button to check the answer It give you an audio response attached to whatever you think the answer should be.

EX: screen txt----No that is not correct should have the same audio. “No that is not correct” & so on & so forth,

I really would like to get this audio in there with the Learning Interaction if at all possible. I really like the ease of use provided by this feature…as opposed to just setting up a screen from scratch.

Any advise tossed my direction would be greatly appreciated!