Learning mysql

does anyone know of where i can get the bare bones, from the beginning of time, made for dummies informaiton on using a mysql database.

i want to set up a user login and their account information thing and i assume that i need to use mysql but i dont know where to start.

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one where they can sign up for promotional updates too

any ideas


yeah – i read the tut – but where i am getting lost is in section 3 – that’s the part i dont understand. i used the script listed there but i dont know what to do with it. and it talks about a ‘table’ – i am not sure what that is

and from my original question – i dont know how to set up a mysql database and the tut doesnt explain thatt even though very well written for setting it up in flash (it explains the flash side of using PHP and mysql only)

thanks mtsoul – the site was informative (although still a little over my head - but useful

I like to read the documentation


Yeah, the documentation has a good tutorial indeed. Point 3 in the overview :wink: