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I’m an avid user of Adobe Photo. and Ill. I’m just getting into Flash5. I really want to learn how to make a really good interactive web-page with flash. So far I went to a lot of tutorials on the web and this one seems to embrace each person and elevate them in the flash process.
I did the flash lessons in flash 5 but don’t really know how to apply them all together to make a page.

Do you have any tutorials to follow on making a page from start to finish?(the more simple the better)

Thank you…Kirupa

A kid from Hawaii>

Hello FybesOne,
I’ll try to add a tutorial on that soon. It just takes a little time to create a full site in Flash, but it basically follows the format of an HTML page.

You have buttons (navigation links) on your page that will take you to another page. Another page in Flash is another frame or scene. You can add text anywhere, etc. Flash allows you to use Sounds extensively (something HTML does not do). The one thing that I usually tell a lot of people with your similar problem is to Experiment. I hope that was not too confusing :slight_smile:

I hope that helped. If you have any further questions or comments or, please don’t hesitate to reply back or post at the kirupa.com message board.

Kirupa Chinnathambi
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thank you…
so each scene is a different screen for your webpage.
Cool thanks you did help alot!
I’ll go and experiment…

Keith from Hawaii.

I’ve been experimenting and I’ve created two different scenes(pages). When I want to Publish Preview it the scenes just loops in sequences…How do I make it stop? I just want to have two seperate pages.

Another question? How do I change background colors for different scenes? I tried going to properties to change it but it changes all scenes to the color i’ve picked.

Much Aloha…