Left brain or right brain

7 right 11 left.

By math and science geeks I just mean that you think things through using logic rather than artsy dreams and stuff. You might be a modular or abstract artist, who knows :slight_smile: Honestly, people can mix around in different areas. Everyone has a little skill everywhere.

there was a series about this kind of stuff on the bbc a few months ago, i remember they had a very detailed online test that seemed a bit more realistic… il try and get a link (but im not very good at that… getting links that is)

I got 1 right sided answer the rest all left. I’d say that i’m much more artistic than mathematicaly inclined. Somethings there is just no accounting for Gary, no matter what the averages are, we are all individuals. Heck, I’m supposed to be a great speller according to this test. That’s just plain wrong. :slight_smile:

well i think this might be the test… its for personality types, which is basicly what this is… although i cant be bothered to check through the test to see if this is the same one i was talking about :slight_smile:


16 left, 2 right

HA!! I’m right brained- alot! 16 right, 4 left.

9l-9r , saying i used my left more though.

10right, 8left

Right… i’ve done this kind of test many of times and it’s always right.

It is said, that you can tell a lie by looking at a persons eyes… If you ask a guy to describe something, and he looks to the right, it means he is using the “creative” part of the brain, which means he probably makes it up. Left side though is more analytic.

So if THIS is true…

Actually you can tell if they’re telling a lie. When they do that eye gesture, the interrogator normally knows he’s lying, and that it needs further inquiry. It’s just one of the natural human tendencies.

not that i have this or whatever, shouldn’t you add no-brainer…?

Left. I pwn. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yeaaah…9 on both…I guess I’ll just put “both” then, even though it is telling me left.

left, and this was discussed in our biology class. turns out my art side is screwed…

there are more Left Brained ppl here… and Very less Right Brained ppl including me

well most people on kirupa do coding, which is a more left sided thing, not as many do design as much… although i could be wrong.

Yeah, I’m crap at design. :lol:

lol I want that shirt so bad… :stuck_out_tongue:

weird that I got 13 for right though… I’m terrible at all kinds of art and I work as a coder :-/

Right brain here. Makes sense to me. :slight_smile: