Left brain or right brain

click on this link to check:



left although that was so lame this early :lol:

I got confused by the first question :frowning:

moi left as well

^^ ya tht one is a bit weird question :smiley:

it says i use my left aswell… :smiley:

6 right, 12 left

^same was for mine

13 right, 5 left… as I stand alone so far :wink: it’s hilarious how they come up w/ the “results” it’s like so called psychics, take the most obvious generalized things and BAM that’s the answer. :smiley:

14 right - 4 left :lol:

9 right, 9 left. still says im left brained…does this mean I can’t make up my mind?

7 right, 11 left…

I frgt to put mine 12 right 6 left :beam:

Me too:nerd:

11 right, 7 left…

edit: how are you suppose to know which side of the room you prefer lol

13 right, 5 left…
I bet these numbers are just random and the dominating hemisphere gets decided by only the first question :stuck_out_tongue:

Left, but I’ve known this forever.

If anyone wants to know and doesn’t, the left brain is normally the side for the Math and Science geeks. The right side is normally for the artsy folks.

What confuses me is that I’m left handed, which is controlled by the right side of my brain, meaning I should be artistic. Someone screwed me up, I can’t draw, paint, or anything for beans :frowning:

[ot]Syko, to be or not to be. :stuck_out_tongue: I totally have that shirt from thinkgeek :)[/ot]

huh? But I suck at math, are good with language and I’m musical! How can I be left? :upset:

EDIT: I do suck at drawing and designing though

LEFT! :thumb:

Although the results are a little erratic.

I’m extremely comfortable with both my math and science and my artistic capabilities.

Seriously is that true? I’m a designer/fine artist and I was mostly left. I suck at stuff involving math but I love science.