Less of that next year

hey incase you hadn’t noticed this year is drawing to a close and I was wondering what do you guys wanna see less of next year?

less reality tv shows with bloody celebs. “I’m in the jungle doing horrible stuff” well congrats some people do that their whole lives and they don’t bch and bch on tv about it. Who said you were a celebrity anyway :huh:

how about crap movies that are hyped up to be better than Toy Story, the incredibles…bah!

charity records that suck but if you don’t buy them you’re scum. “Do they know it’s xmas” has been rereleased here in the UK to help the starving in Africa and the money raised from the single goes to them. Well guess what, the song sucks and I don’t wanna buy it but for someone like me there is no alternative. They don’t tell you a phone number, web site or even location to send a carrier pigeon to donate money, it’s just “BUY THE RECORD”…well I don’t wanna, I wanna give money but I ain’t adding that s**t to my cd collection to do it.

bad drivers. Some idiot at a roundabout just missed me yesterday and he toots his horn and shakes his fist at me…until he realised he’d went through a red light and I’d went through a green one, oohhh the situation all changed then.

Anyone else think of anything :huh: