Letter by Letter text

okay, i’ve seen all these flash intros using text that comes in letter by letter then it leaves letter by letter instead of the whole word coming in or out

Usually that’s done using Swish, a program that creates text effects and then exports them as swf’s. Short of that, you’ll probebely have to set them up using motion tweens until you get a really good grasp of action script movement and string variable manipulation.

The simplest of the letter by letter animation is: you can do it with frame by frame animation - you type the letter a in the first frame, then you type the letter b, next to a, but you gotta insert a new keyframe on the main timeline first. Well that’s it. The second option is already mentioned - swish is a great programme for that effects. You just gotta find a copy and sit in front of your computer and i guarantee that in 5 mins you would have done the thing you wanted to do.