Need help with text effect

Hey people, i’m tryin to create the effect i saw at the flashkit homepage. The swishmax ad at the left of the page, the part where “Ultimate Flash Tool” appears, where a white “thing” flashes past the whole word.
i found this fla called rays of light, and tryin to work with it to recreate the effect mentioned above. But no success…so can any1 guide me? or a direct fla link? tks…

pardon my poor description of the effect…don’t know how to…

is this “thing” similar to the header on this site? -

nope…if u go to the flashkit homepage, on the left u will see a swishmax ad, watch for the words “ultimate flash tool” and the effect that comes with it. that is the effect i’m tryin to recreate

it looks like they just used motion tweens. start with your left most letter and have it tween from 100 % to 250% or something like that. Set an easing value. then when that tween reaches its last frame start the tween of the next letter. When you get to the last letter of your words you start again from the left and make a follow up sequence where you only tween the letter up to 125% or so. they may also play with alpha transparency a bit in the tween. pretty basic, but your right, it’s a neat effect.

hmm, thought it was a mask…will try it out. Tks