Letter Game!

I got bored lol.

Its a little game where you basically type the letter in the box to gain points. Kinda like those typing games you might’ve played back in school. I mostly wanted to see if I could do it.


Yeah It’s normally 250x250. I have a page where I just add swfs to so I can put them online. Its at like 500x500 or something but I’m to lazy to change it. Heres the .fla for it too, if it may be useful to anyone. My coding is kinda sloppy and somethings couldve been done easier. Lotsa room for things to add as well. If you want an explanation as to how some of it works lemme know. :slight_smile:


woo that was fun!

nice game. i like it, except it got a little boring after i had 30+life;)