How fast can you type (flash game)

This is a great flash game with a wicked explosion effect. It keeps high scores and everything… have a good time (it can be a bit addictive if your not careful!)

cool! You can learn touchtyping with it!
well… practice!


I SUCK at this!! :o

this is why I don’t do well with dictation…

I tend to try and anticipate… not good…



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I SUCK at this!! :o **

yeah me too! I got 30 points :stuck_out_tongue:

lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got 91 :cowboy:

That was awesome. I got 166! :slight_smile: SOmeone had 15000+!!

I can type fast but I have to peek at the keyboard every so often…

I got something around 102… lmao

Yeah me too :slight_smile:

I have to peek at it once in a while… of course… I look at my keyboard when I type…usually… :sure:

i got 137 :-\ …

I can type fast but I have to peek at the keyboard every so often

me too !! :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. . . . .

Who in the hell has time to type 15000 letters?

Mwahhahahhhaa!! Got over 2000 (on my second try)
I could have more but didn’t want to! Got kinda boring…


260 on my frist try.

This is terribly addicting! So much for getting any work done.

I got 155 :frowning:


How the heel did you get 2000 Thats amazing man

155 was my first and only try. I didn’t think I could do better (not a great typer) so I wanted to quit while I was ahead…lol.

my highest was 375.

i only got a 90
but i was trying to watch tv at the same time:beam: