Letters cut in Button


The attached .fla contains a part of my menu, you can see the button ‘CONTACT’. The buttons are being seperated by a ‘line’, the color of the ‘line’ gives the effect that it’s cut in to the button. How can I give the word ‘CONTACT’ the same effect?


Don’t you guys know how to do it or can’t you understand my problem?

well… u can use the same gradient if u wush and make boxes of that gradient on a different layer behind the actual text… each box hould go behind one of the letters… and then mask the letters over the boxes… that way it will look like the letters are filled that gradient. Then tweak the gradient to kinda look punched in or however you want it.


Not sure if I get what you mean? Do you mean that you want those letters spread across the entire button, and where the letters intersect those lines, the letters should indent in the same manner as the buttons?

Because if that’s the case, I think you need to do what adityagaddam said. You’d have to manually edit the individual letters that you want to do that to.

or, but this is really to easy, you can just copy your text, put it in another color and place it behind your white text but move it a little bit up and to the right (this way it looks like there’s a shadow, make “the shadow” blue. You could even make it a little bit bigger