Very Simple Question

I am trying to make a button that is just simple text. I am sure that I am doing something very simple wrong here. I F11 and make a new symbol and type the text I want and then I go back to my interface and place it on the screen and make it a button and add the script and it works but the deal is that my mouse jumps when you go over it I know what it is. The letters are not acting like a button they are acting like individual letters and so if I were to say make it a colored rollover you would see that the color flashes very quickly. Which in turn makes it very hard to click on it since you have to get the mouse just right. I basically just need to make it one piece I have tried grouping it, I have tried making it a button right off instead of a symbol first. I have tried everything I know. I need to place it on the bottom of a graphic so I cannot really make a white graphic behind it and group it to the text (which I found out fixed it) because then it covers the gradiant it is supposed to sit on. Anyway, Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Ah yes, I hate this. What you need to do is edit your button (the area with the Up, Over, Down, Hit frames) When you are there, create a new layer and draw a rectangle that is around the same size as your text. Drag this frame all the way to the Hit area, the other areas can be blank for this layer. Then drag the layer to the bottom, so it is under the layer with your text.

Test it out, it should work.

You can see some frames on the timeline w´hen you enter the button (“up”, “rollover”, “down”, “hit”)
Enter The hit frame. (make a keyframe there if necessary)
Now draw or make a shape that you would like the mouse react on… or sumthin’
I really do not know how to explain this…
the other frames (up,rollover,down) are just what does the button look like but the HIT frame is what shape the button really is!
if you make a button that looks like a banana but you draw a circle in the HIT frame then the cursor won’t change on the banana, but the invisible circle… like the button is actually a circle…

are… are you following me?.. do… do… you get it?
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Thank you so much for your quick answers. Here is my issue I got what you are saying and I did that and that works it is just like when I made the white box and grouped them. BUT , you knew there had to be a but :slight_smile: Here is my problem this text link needs to sit on a gradient bar with a bunch of other links and if I make that (white box ) then it shows and doesnt look like text sitting on a blue gradient bar? If you have any ideas let me know.

Thanks again

That is why you only create the box under the HIT frame. Leave the Up, Over and Down frames empty.

This will create what is called an Invisible Button. So that button will be invisible, but if you leave your text in the other frames that will show and you should have no problem.

Ok I guess I didnt understand that at first I got it and it worked , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


I had given up on this but since you seem to know what you are doing and I dont let me ask you another one. I have made a custom pointer in flash and it is working great everywhere with the exception of the intro screen where it shows up BEHIND my (skip intro) button everywhere else it shows up in front and works wonderfully except there, I have tried to arrange, in front , behind etc no luck. Any Idea?


It was basically the same issue I figured it out on the skip intro button thing thanks


Well I am glad I can help. Good job fixing the mouse pointer issue :slight_smile:

If you have any more questions don’t be afraid to ask.

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