In reference to this project: http://www.hollowood.com/new/

I’ll be making 4 other movies that will load when each of the individual department pannels ( the 4 pannels in the lower left )
are moused over.

What they’ll do is load 4 images for that one department,
into all 4 pannels ( covering the other 4 movies ) and also roll out a text pannel that is a text description of the department.

I’m getting the first department movie to work using:

  on (rollOver) {
     loadMovieNum ("retail_movie.swf", 3);
  on (rollOut) {
     unloadMovieNum (3);
  on (press) {
     getURL ("http://www.johnnybgoods.us/", "_blank");

The retail_movie is not in use in the sample I’m showing you, and I haven’t started the other 3 department movies yet.

Would the other 3 movies need to be levels 4,5,6?

I really don’t “get” what levels are at this point.
Possibly like “channels” if one where thinking in audio or midi terms?

If you can just give an overview of levels in general also,
that would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


yes, level 3 would load over level 2 and so on, you got the right idea