Library Items Exported for Actionscript in Externally Loaded SWF not Showing

Hopefully I explain this adequately.

I have several SWF’s (secondary) published that I want to load into a main (primary) SWF file when the corresponding button is released. I’m currently using loadMovie to load external SWFs into a container_mc on main stage of primary SWF. This works, the secondary SWF loads when it’s button is released.

But, the secondary SWF has items in it’s library that Export for Actionscript, and they should load onto the secondary SWFs stage inside a container_mc (has a different instance name from the one used in main stage). These library items are not showing up. One should load immediately, the others after button releases. None are loading.

Should this work? Will items in the library of the secondary SWF that are set to Export for Actionscript be available to load once the secondary SWF is loaded into the primary SWF? Do I have to share the library of the loaded SWF with the main SWF?

Thanks for your help.