i cant seem to find a tut for lightning. i am going to attempt to make a logo with lightning in it. if you could tell me where a tut might be, it will be appriciated


i think spoono or voidix has one…

its just a matter of using difference clouds and then doing somethign to them…if only i could remember…

Reflected Gradient, Difference Cloud, Ctrl+I (for invert), Ctrl+L (for levels), then mess with the slider in the levels thingy.

where is the Reflected Gradient?:frowning:

Well actually now that i think about it, it will work with linear or reflected gradient, but reflected gradient will have to bolts instead of one…and you choose which gradient you want in the upper left corner when you have gradient tool selected, they are like little thumbnails of what gradients look like. If you hold the mouse over them for a second, they say what they are. Good luck with that description,hehe…hope ya find it. :slight_smile:

Here’s a tutorial for lightning. =)

Personally, I think the lightning tutes for photoshop are awful… The end result doesn’t look like lightning… at all…

but alas, I have yet to find a better way to make it in photoshop…

thanks for the tut… but i have one question on it. where it says to go to Hue/Saturation i tried to but it wouldnt let me click on it.:-\

now i have got past that… but now i want to make one of thoes lightning things.

i but the problem is once i changed the background to black, it wont let me change the color of the tube that leads up to the circle. is there any way i can make it look like metal?


Mode|RGB Colour

that should let you add colour

Here’s a tutorial that I thought was more realistic. oops! It’s about the same tut with less words