I am trying to create a nice lightning affect for my site. This is what i have so far:
But I am not happy with it…does any one have any suggestions on making a better effect?

Thank You,

whats wrong with what you have? it looks good. I am working on something that creates random lightning using actionscript but i won’t actually be done with that for a few months…

Thanks, I actually had some one I know say that it was unclean so i was trying to find a way to make it better…more opinions will be appreciated.

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what’s the effect that you’d like to change? the one of the buttons when the mouse is over them? if so… you should try increasing the alpha on roll over and decreasing on roll out.

I hope you get what I meant to say.


Hmm… please know that I mean no offense at all. I’m just trying to help.

If you’re after lightning, then I would say change your effect a little. The outline of lightning is not always present. The whole thing just appears in a flash. In your case… it looks more the way that electricity sparks through the brain. Btw, the effect looks good, just not so much like ligthning.

I did an effect on lightning a long time ago(can’t find it now). What I did was take some pictures from the web and cut out the lightning part with Photosop. Then, I recreated the top down effect of the lightning with a frame by frame animation. Everything was black and then, lightning struck for a second or two. Sometimes on the left. Sometimes in the middle.

Now, going from Jubba’s post, It would be neat to have all the lightning on the scene, but hidden, until actionscript tells which lightning mc to play randomly. Now, that would look pretty cool.

Mine was more sequential back then (in the first few days of Flash 4)

Hope that helps…

Yes, I think that is exactly what I am after (random flashes and electric circuits) but not being a programming genious, I cannot figure out how to do it with actionscript. How would I do it?