Limitations on dynamically importing JPEGs?

Does anyone know if Flash has a limitation on dynamically imported jpegs? I find that maybe 30% (maybe more) of the jpegs I have do not import into Flash (using LoadMovie).

I think I read somewhere that you can’t import progressive jpegs dynamically. Is that it? Or is there something else?



Perhaps those images weren’t loaded completely and when Flash started using it, stopped the transfer? Not much else I can say on the matter. Always worked for me.

Perhaps there’s something up with my loading script.

Cheers for the feedback!


If your jpgs were saved as Progressive, they will not load into Flash. Open an image that won’t load and resave it without progressive checked and see if it loads now. khamstra


I thought I had made something wrong. This is common knowledge tidbits that could go into a FAQ or something…