Help my jpgs won't load!

I followed the instructions in the tutorial “photo gallery” and for some reason my jpgs won’t load. I pulled one of the images from the tutorial into the directory that I was telling my pics to be taken from and they work. So it isn’t the path. All of the nature photos loa without fail, but my jpgs won’t any ideas?

Can we see the fla or some code or something…

progressive jpegs won’t load dynamically in Flash…

that may be your problem.


What r Progressive jpegs? I’m having the problem of not seein’ my files when inserted into my site I can see them when preview from flash or by clickin’ the corresponding html file in my flash documents folder. Need some hlep here… thankz in advance

Progressive JPEGs are loaded in the browser in a series of steps. First it appears as a blurred image, then as more information flows in, the clarity increases.