Hello, long time reader, first time contributer here.
I am trying to mimic a paint brush in AS3. Right now I am simply checking for mouse down + mouse move then putting a copy of an image on the stage. This sucks because after a while it starts to get bogged down.

As a result I checked out graphics.lineBitmapStyle(), I was able to get that to work (technically) but not how I wanted to use it. Right now it just tiles it (yes, i know there is a switch to turn tiling off) acting like a ‘scratch off’ lottery ticket, as in, there is an image under neath (my bitmap) and my ‘drawing’ just makes it visible. Any help would be greatly appreciated… code is below:

var oldWay:Canvas = new Canvas()
//Create bmp data:
var bRect:BitmapData = new BitmapData(100, 100); //create bitmap
var c:Canvas = new Canvas(); //create spoof canvas;//start fill,0, 100, 100,10,10);//draw that ****!;//end fill
bRect.draw(c);//draw this out to the bmpdata,0); //start a line style,null,true,false) //set bitmap style, nY1);//move this to my old location, nY2);//draw to new location

Image of results here: