Lines follow cursor

newbie needs help, on your main page you have a clip where there is a horizontal and vertical line and they intersect where your mouse pointer is and then they follow the mouse around. I’ve tried several different approaches to get this effect. I can have the lines follow the mouse around but it just isn’t the same as yours. I’m not looking for handouts, but if possible just point me in the right direction. Thanks for your time

I used the follow cursor command to make the lines follow the mouse. The URL is:…follow.asp

I used one horizontal and vertical line. I made the vertical and horizontal lines twice as long as my movie stage. That is so that even when the user moves the mouse to one extreme of the movie, the line will still look like it is one large line…instead of dragging a crosshair.

thnak you for your time and help. For some reason I got the effect I was looking for when I switched to flah 5 and received your help. Thanks again!!!