Lines made with drawing tool not showing up

I have just completed module five, however none of the lines that were drawn on the quiz.htm page are showing up in the preview or in the browser. I am using IE 5.50.4522. I can see that the code has been added for the lines when I view the HTML.

Any thoughts?

Thanks. Ted

Hey Ted,
That is odd. I have not heard of that happening before. Would it be possible for you to attach the quiz.htm file to the post. Simply reply and click the Attach button (toward the bottom of the reply page) and add the Quiz.htm file. I’d like to take a look and see what the problem. My first guess is that it is a browser issue, but I may be wrong.



I tried this on my PC at work, and everything worked fine. The main differences are:

Home PC is 98 with IE 5.50
Work PC is 2K with IE 6.0.26

I upgraded my home browser to IE 6.0.26 and everything is working now. I must not have had all of the features installed in the old browser.


Thanks for the response.