Link button to other page on website


I created a simple flash based website and when I ftp-d it the buttons wouldn’t work on the home page. Because of this I took the website down, but, while it was on the net no matter which button I pressed I got an error message stating the path was incorrect. It showed the incorrect path as c:\MyDocuments/FlashStuff/KARPATOK/Karpatok/history.html/
This was the path I used and that worked before I put the website on the net. Ofcourse, before I put it on the net I changed the adress in the Actions panel to: (and so on for each button)
I left the Windows field empty and I left the variables field at it’s default which says “Don’t send”. I then published the settings.
So, even with the new address for each button, for example, , and after I ftp-d the website to the net, when I clicked on any button on the homepage to take me to another page within the website, for example, the history button , I still got the error message “incorrect path as c:\MyDocuments/FlashStuff/KARPATOK/Karpatok/history.html/”

All I would like to do is be able to click on a button on the home page that will take me to the specified page withing the website. Thank you for your time and patience with me. What am I missing?:slight_smile:

are you using GetURL?

if so, make sure the path is correct. It sounds like your path is absolute to c:/…etc.

try making it a relative path… /history

if the fram is opening in the same window, try using _self

hope it helps,