Link within dynamic scrollbar text loaded from external .txt file

Dear all,

can anyone help me?

I have a scrollbar dynamic text field wich loads a text from external text file which is formated as HTML. I enabled “render as html” button and everything works well exept that after I inserted a link into text, wich also works, THE REST OF THE TEXT DOESN’T APPEAR. While researching on the internet I saw that some other had the same problem and they didn’t get the help.

I was also wondering what is an adventage of placing a text field by scripting which I’m not very good yet. I’m working in a graphically intensive site which tends to be rather big. Would using a script let me reduce the size? If so, could you give me some tipt how to procede with it.

A thank you tons in advance. It would be a greate help for me as I’m running out of time trying to finish a site for an independant documentary.