Linkin to PDF document

I have created a Flash animation and would like to be able to let viewers link to the pdf that explains the project. The information is currently headed to clients on CD and later on the Web in html. How should I go about this, should I sue an action script?

There is a simple way, which I have used and it works fine, or there is a hard way, which I have never gotten to work.

The simple way is just to use getURL(“yourfilename.pdf”, “_blank”) which will open the pdf in an Internet Explorer window. However, the file still has all the Adobe Acrobat Reader functionality, which is great. The “_blank” part is optional. You can also use “_parent”, “_self”, etc.

The hard way is to use fscommand and make a bat file. You can do a search in these forums for Acrobat and find a bunch of threads that talk about this. Supposedly you can launch Acrobat Reader and load the file but I have never been able to pull this off. Maybe someone else has done this successfully and can share with the rest of us the right way to do it?

But the getURL works great too. Good luck! :beam: