Help! How to open PDF file within Flash projector?

I am creating a Flash projector to work on a CD for a client to distribute. There has to be a listing of their PDF’s in the flash program, that when clicked, will open the actual PDF in a separate window. I found one comment in this site to use “GetURL”, but found out it is ONLY for HTML. There was mention of setting up the FSCommand to open another application, such as a PDF file, but how? I have the files in the same directory and tried putting the file name in the “GetURL” (the PDF file), but just freezes when trying to open. Can you help?\rAlso, is there a way they can drag and drop the PDF files to the desktop, that has the listings of the PDF’s and save to the hard drive?

You can link to a pdf using getUrl, the problem is Acrobat Reader!\rIf the user doesn’t have it installed, nothing will happen!\rSo, best to put a “get acro reader” pic/link before allowing access to the pdfs, and instruct the users how to use it.\rFScommand(exec, programm) doesn’t work on files, only on executables/software, like notepad.exe, and you need to know/provide the exact path on the users machine to the exe, which i think is impossible (none of my programms are installed on C: for example, i use an extra partition…)