Links are undefined. Why? Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Arrays

[LEFT]When attempting the tutorial[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4][COLOR=#003366]** Multi-Dimensional** Arrays[COLOR=Black][SIZE=2] the “link” always shows as undefined. Can’t seem to figure it out.

memberInfo = [["Google", "Online Search Engine", ""], ["B.Rich", "Basketball, Golf, Web Media.", ""], ["Senocular", "Fun stuff, like Flash", ""]];
var xPos = 10;
var yPos = 10;
for (i=0; i<memberInfo.length; i++) {
attachMovie("container", "new"+i, i, {_x:xPos, _y:yPos});
yPos += this["new"+i]._height+5;
this["new"+i].name.text = memberInfo*[0];
this["new"+i].interest.text = memberInfo*[1];
this["new"+i].link = memberInfo*[2];