Links in Dynamic text fields

Is there a way to set links in dynamic text fields if you have set up all of your text in action script with variables? Like I have two text boxes, one is a box with the variable “title” and the other is the variable “text”.

In the text variable box, I have all my different text written in the action script like this:

text = “text goes here” +newline+newline+ “another line of text”;
title = “title of whatever page the user clicks on”

I have this set up for several different sections of the site and depending on what button the user clicks, you get different text in the text box per action script.

My question is basically what actionscript command do i use inside the action script box so I can have a word set up as a link to another website. In Html its (a href=“”)link(/a) replacing parentheses with <>.

I tried getURL but the page goes there right away so I know that is not it. Does anybody know? Thanks in advance!!