Links not working after i add preloader

I have been working on building my site for a couple of weeks now, adding various things as needed, and after i got all of my links working and all of that stuff i figured i would add a preloader. After i have added the preloader my links no longer work, and when i start the site it is supposed to automatically load my news page, but that is no longer working anymore either. The preloader works fine, and the main animations show up, but the links will no longer work. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

first of all, how are you coding the links? second, how are you coding your preloader? lastly, can you post/send me the fla?

more info needed

what links (timeline travel, external clips, ??)

post/attach the fla is allways best, as well as some descript as to your set-up

[edit=oops, too slow] … yeah, like ^^ he said :wink:

Well, here is the fla, if you check that out you can probably see what i’m talking about.