Links on kirupa

Hey one of you mods think you can change the color of links on the board or make them bold? When people post links I miss them sometimes since to color is so similar to the regular text.

I find myself scanning with my mouse or using tab.

It is the styles, not the forum.

Sure DDD - I’ll change the link colors shortly for some of the styles (blueMod for example??) :slight_smile:

that would be cool…hey dan I can do it myself? how and where…It is no big deal but sometimes I miss peoples links.

if you were using autumn, you wouldn’t have that prob, since it is built in…



yeah, that sounds like a nice feature, i miss links sometimes too

btw, nice skins rev

Ok ddd - try it now :slight_smile:

looks good muchos gracias.

can you do that for the Orange by Kitiara style too? :smiley:

and summer by rev :smiley: :wink: thanks

And and… Tan by Me :smiley:

looks like I started a trend

Gotcha - in about 5 minutes all of your styles should be updated :beam:

all of 'em eh? …good idea…

Yeah I got into the habit of >>marking<< my links or at least

kinda sepparating them from the rest of the text

…links you can see…wow what a concept :wink:

oops - I didn’t mean “all” of them, just all of them :slight_smile: I mean, just the ones that the people wanted me to change hehe.