Linux = flash 5 =?

can you put flash 5 on linux 7.3 ?

Don’t know sodium. I have never used Linux, but I’m guessing that you could use a Windows emulator in Linux to use your Windows apps such as Flash? (just a shot in the dark…I really don’t know)


Never seen or heard of it. About that window emulator, I’m most dubious (doubtious ?? dubitatous ?? what’s the word ???).


“dubious” was correct :slight_smile:

What if Linux is the only operating system on my hard drive Can i still put Flash 5 on Linux?

Umm, do you mean the server that is hosting your web site is a linux server or the OS on your comp is linux?

If the server that is hosting is a linux, then yes, Flash runs on it. My site is hosted on a linux (unix) server and I can run perl, cgi, php, sql and more. Pretty much all your apps run on it. I think asp and Frontpage Extensions require a special add-on to the server, but can work too.

If you mean you have a linux OS, I’ve never heard of that unless you are building your site through telnet or something. In which case, you simply write the code for your html page, then insert the code that says “Hey Browser, there is something new embedded in me and I’m like a picture, but I’m not. I’m a macromedia .swf” Then just paste in the location of the movie like you would for a pic. You just need the right code for movies.

You will have to ask the resident host here about Microsoft servers as he is the expert! I hope it helped!

Flash 5 is not currently supported by Linux…im 80% sure of this.

My site was built with flash 5 and my site is currently being hosted on a Red Hat Linux server. Linux/unix is the old school type of server but is very stable. Check out, where my site is hosted. It will say RH linux type of server. I’ve been working on a unix for a year and a half now, actually its the only type of server I’ve ever worked on. I wish I could figure out asp though.

chances are you’re running apache, like 50%++ of everyone on the internet. and yes linux will serve swfs just fine.

but like vts31 said, the flash authoring environment is not supported in linux. the emulator’s are getting quite good. try wine. i’ve never had any experince with it, but i’ve heard that it runs most windows software, but expect a performance hit and the occasional crash.

re: asp. there is asp available for linux as well, but i’d recommend php before jumping on the microsoft train, especially if you’re in a unix flavoured environment. php also has a great (and also free) extension called ming which will dynamically create swfs. goodbye generator.

  • edit* oh, i just realised it wasn’t kth asking the question. oh well, theirs my two cents anyhow. ; )

yep it can be done with wine -windows emulator