Linux Nerds

Hey - can I run a GUI program from a basic linux command line shell?

or is there a minimum “level” of the shell that I have to have in order to “get graphical.”

I think I know the answer, but I also know that there are those of you out there that have played with Linux a lot more than I have.

Yes you can.
I’m not sure of the command, njs would know all about that.

Well it depends - if you’ve already got an X session (a GUI session) up, then you can run GUI programs from the command line with no problem (it’ll tie up your console session so you won’t be able to do other things though).

Otherwise, then no sadly - I did once see a project that would let you do that, but I can’t remember the URL now :frowning:

(I resent being called a nerd, even though it’s probably true ;))

lol - well im right in that nerd group with you -

its for some offline editing - ive got a program but its a gui

thanks man! if you find that link let me know - no worries