Lip sync

What is the best way to animate a lip sync except using magpie which isn’t freeware so i can’t export the god **** thing. Any suggestions?

i’ve used magpie/flash for lipsyncing before, what exactly are you having problems with?

well, i have a cartoon in which two people are talking. So what is the best way to animate mouth so it looks that they are really talking. Just like in cartoons.

Hey if you have a full version of Magpie can you pleeeeeeeeeeease send me?

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well what I did was took mouth movements of certain extreme mouse expressions, like the mouth open at the sound of “a” “d” “k” etc and traced them in flash. then i exported as bmps and imported into magpie, then exported that into flash.

if that was confusing, as im sure it was, please reply and tell me what needs more explanation

lip syncing isn’t that hard with flash, just import the sound of talking, and set it to stream. Make corresponding mouth movements on the most expressed syllables and it should look fine.

but what do I know>?

basically, what he said is what i did, just take pictures of the most common used mouth movments and animate them in flash according to your sound.

'cept I didn’t(don’t) use magpie… in fact I’ve never heard of it.

its actually very nice.

it streams the sound so you can hear each individual piece of it, then has a library you build of your mouth movements or phoenems.

then you go threw each part and add sound, easy as that.