Rant: Lip Syncing is Haaarrdd

Alright. Im trying to do some lip syncing in flash, for a cartoon im trying to develop =) But its a pain doing it frame by frame, and plus i cant really draw that well anyway.

I tried that software “Magpie” but got fed up with it because im impatient. Anyone know of any automatic lip syncing? I mean where it follows a wave form formula and renderes the mouth for ya?! well there should be! hehehe

You shold try lip-syncing in MAX Raydred!! :stuck_out_tongue:

No idea. I always do it frame by frame. That’s if I want pretty much perfect sync. If I’m not too bothered or it’s a sketchy cartoon, then I’ll just get a general mouth movement going, and start and stop as and when needed.

If you go to this site http://www.spikything.com/ and go into the “cartoon” section. Click on “spiky speaks” and watch. He says that the lip sync was achived with a modulation AS but I don’t know how to do it. Some one else might know how he achives this effect.

I bet i know how he did it with AS…

Probably used the waveform (dont know if thats the right term) and widen the mouth at a big wave and lower it on smaller ones =)

Does that make sense? hehe =)

How DO you make a MC change size etc all depending on a waveform??

I’d LOVE to learn that…!

I dont know, but hopefully by this afternoon i Will know =) and i’ll post it here =) Im SO curious know and this stuff should be open source! =)

Hell yeah!

“fun with waveforms”… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… Im still working on this. =) I know there is a way of doing it from within flash…

What i found though is, the real-time equalizers that is commonly used in flash players, are streamed into the player, as a result, they can use a CGI to determine the “wave” value and pass it into flash… (SRC: swift-tools.com)

Im testing out some possibilities for lip syncing via AS. =)

This will prove interesting since i have no idea how this will work, but i WILL make it work somehow, i have some ideas =)

Ok here is one of my tests, its cheating, but its an idea i had and it seems to work for now =) hehe. =)


Enjoy. =)

I’m glad you can figure it out because I sure couldn’t. Good Luck with it.:slight_smile: